Secure private SMS Notification Service for unlisted Mobile Phone Subscribers: ComNote®

The secure ComNote® service allows you to have an unlisted wireless phone number, but still be contacted by those family and friends who need to get in touch with you:

  • If you wish to send a ComNote® you can do so either via a call placed to a Directory Assistance operator or via the internet at participating websites. The person sending the ComNote® message pays for the message to be sent with no charge to the recipient.

  • The ComNote® secure SMS notification service: as an unpublished mobile phone subscriber you may be contacted via text message without your phone number ever being revealed.

  • The ComNote® sender can add a call back number, and choose to mark the SMS as urgent, business, personal or emergency.

  • As a privacy customer, you will not be charged for receipt of the SMS message, yet you will have the option to anonymously return the call via call connect services, send a reply text message, block the sender from further contact, or ignore the message entirely.

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